Welcome to 'The Grounds of Round Table Coffee'

Welcome to 'The Grounds of Round Table Coffee'.

Since we opened in 2014 every single lovely

cup of coffee poured has made a little cupped

hand of coffee ground.

We have taken these home each week and worked them through our compost bins and have recycled them into our gardens with excellent results.

The time has come when we have simply run out of garden to accommodate the coffee grounds. We can't see why it should be thrown out when there are much better uses for it.

You can now collect for free to use for yourself

Kiwi popsicle

'The Grounds of Round Table Coffee' as you like. This brochure has a list of suggested ways you can use them. Where a link is referenced simply head to www.roundtablecoffee.com.au and follow the link from the PDF version of this brochure.

If you are happy with your results after using

'The Grounds of Round Table Coffee' upload a photo to;






# round_table_coffee


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