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The ‘4017 Project’ sees 50% of Book Sale proceeds at

Round Table Coffee being donated to select local schools, our Guest Sponsors means everything gets doubled.

All book donations are welcome, your contribution goes into our contribution.

2020 has Bracken Ridge State High School and Nashville State School benefiting with 4 months each.

You can also contribute by using

Scheme ID C10230586

at 'Sandgate Bottles and Cans Exchange.

100% of your Container Refund will go

towards schools part of the 4017 Project.

Sandgate BCEX, Containers For Change, 4017
4017 Project for 2020 - Hashvill State School & Bracken Ridge State High School
4017 Project 2017 - Final Results.jpg
4017 Project 2018 - Final Results.jp

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