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The 4017 Project is go for 2022!

Round Table Coffee’s 4017 Project is proud to announce a first time school recipient.

From the 1st February to the 31st May 2022, 50% of all Book Sales in Round Table Coffee will be heading to Shorncliffe State School.

This is the first time the 4017 Project visits Shorncliffe State School, previous plans to were disrupted with COVID. A wonderful school with a 100 year history in the area, we are looking forward to making a contribution to the P&C in 2022.

In the last few years there has been just shy of $18,000 donated among schools in the 4017 area, this year we hope to pass that $20,000 mark.

The shelves in Round Table Coffee are heaving with all sorts of 2nd hand pages + you will find Special Packs in the windows. You will find the occasional Brand New Book and sensible prices as well. So many genres are covered, you could head to our libib page here https://roundtblecoffee.libib.com to have a browse if you like?

All book donations are always welcome too, it's a key part of how this all works so well.

Your contribution goes towards the larger contribution every time and is always appreciated.

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$1166 to Nashville State School in 2020
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