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Having past the halfway mark in the 4017 Project benefiting Brighton State School

we thought we share an update.

At this stage we are heading for a figure in the region of 4 TIMES the total Brighton State School received back in 2017! If you can remember what that was this is FANTASTIC NEWS!

For this first school of 2021 in the 4017 Project we are fortunate to have Cleanskin Coffee Co

on board as Guest Sponsor, they will be matching Round Table Coffee's figure meaning Brighton State School will see a Huge Total all up.

How can you participate?

* Purchase a book in Round Table Coffee - 50% of that sale goes to the 4017 Project

* Drop off books you no longer need - The majority of books across the shelves have been donated by excellent people around the 4017 area. All books are welcome, they will all have a home here some where.

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2021 BSS 4017 Project CCC.jpg